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PET Scans Help Identify Effective TB Drugs, Says Pitt School of Medicine Study
Congratulations to the Flynn Lab! Learn more>
Bernstein Receives V Scholar Award
Congratulations to Dr. Kara Bernstein! Learn more>
Bridgeside Research Forum
The Bridgeside Research Forum is a seminar given by postdocs and graduate students every Friday from 12-1pm during the academic year. Learn more>
Congratulations Drs. Moore and Apetrei!
Moore elected to Association of American Physicians - Apetrei elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation (Young Turks) Learn more>
Youngner receives Chancellor's Medal
Nordenberg bestowed Chancellor’s Medals on Pitt faculty members including MMG's own Dr. Julius S. Youngner Learn more>
Prestigious Cozzarelli Prize Awarded
Top Biomedical Sciences PNAS Paper of 2013 Awarded to Drs. Coyne and Sadovsky! Learn more>
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Grant Awarded
Congratulations to Dr. Jen Bomberger! Learn more>
Adam Causgrove Receives Chancellor’s Award for Staff Excellence in Service to the Community
Congratulations to Adam on being honored as a Chancellor's Award recipient! Learn more>
Dr. Coyne receives NIH grant
RO1 awarded to Dr. Carolyn Coyne! Learn more>
Top 12 Pioneer Awards
MMG Professor, Dr. Joseph Glorioso, named as winner of Pioneer Series Award Learn more>