MMG's Bernstein Awarded Distinguished Scholar Award

Kara A. Bernstein, an Assistant Professer with MMG, has been awarded the first-ever PNC/UPCI Director's Distinguished Scholar Award.

"In order to continue working toward a future without cancer, we need to retain the talent we have and recruit the brightest from the next generation," said Sy Holzer, president of PNC Bank for Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. "Dr. Bernstein's research shows tremendous promise, and PNC is delighted to help support her work."

Dr. Bernstein received her PhD from Yale University and conducted her post-doctoral research at Columbia University. She seeks a better understanding of the biological processes related to cancer, with a focus on DNA. Her lab studies how double-strand breaks in DNA are repaired. Understanding this process will advance understanding of tumor formation and could lead to the development of new cancer treatments.

Read more about Dr. Bernstein's Award here.