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Coyne Lab

Principal Investigator

Carolyn B. Coyne, PhD
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437 Bridgeside Point II
450 Technology Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Research Description

Dr. Coyne’s research focuses on several aspects of host-pathogen interactions, with a specific focus on the mechanisms by which diverse pathogens bypass cellular barriers including the gastrointestinal tract, blood-brain barrier, and placenta. Her work includes studies on (1) The development of three-dimensional cell culture systems to model the pathogen entry and infection of polarized cells, (2) the mechanisms by which RNA viruses have evolved to successfully circumnavigate the barriers presented by polarized cells and on the host cell signaling molecules that are hijacked to facilitate virus entry, replication, and spread, and (3) On the pathways by which human placental trophoblasts restrict infection by viruses, including human cytomegalovirus (hCMV) and Zika virus (ZIKV), any by other microbes, including Toxoplasma gondii. 


Qian Shu, Tsinghua University Visiting Scholar

Nicholas Lenneman, Postdoctoral Associate

Stephanie Ander, Graduate Student

Jacqueline Corry, Postdoctoral Associate

Charles Good, Research Technician

Nitin Arora, Neonatology Fellow


Coyne Drummond -Graduate Student
Stefanie A. Morosky -Research Technician