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Careers and Jobs

POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS are available in the laboratory of Dr. Gutian Xiao at theUPMC Hillman Cancer Center (formerly known as the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute---UPCI).  The positions are for qualified candidates who wish to pursue a career in cancer research. The lab is actively investigating basic and translational aspects of human lung cancer, with a focus on lung tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy.
The ideal candidates for the postdoctoral positions should have demonstrated strong experience in cancer biology, immunology, pathology, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry.  Experience in working with mouse model is extremely desirable but not necessary.

To apply, please send cover letter, curriculum vitae and three reference letters (via e- or post-mail) to:

Gutian Xiao  -  c/o Dianna Pappert Fennel - HCCLB 1.19a5117 Centre Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - Email:  xiaog2@upmc.edu. Tel: 412-623-5410 - Please access via this website:   http://postdocjobs.hs.pitt.edu/

A Postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Hillman Cancer Center for a highly independent and motivated candidate to study cancer-causing viruses. Specific focus will be on the molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis of cancer viruses. The Hillman Cancer Center has dynamic interactive environment and world-class investigators in cancer biology, virology and immunology.

Applicants should have a good track-record with peer-reviewed publications, and possess a PhD, MD or equivalent degree. Experience in cancer biology, RNA biology, virology, molecular and cellular biology, or animal model study is preferred. Additional experience in cancer-induced reprogramming, epigenetics, metabolism, inflammation, angiogenesis, high-throughput sequencing, systems biology or bioinformatics is a plus.

Please send CV and names of three references to Dr. Shou-Jiang Gao via e-mail, gaos8@UPMC.edu



Post-doctoral and Technician Positions Available:  Positions are available at Dr. Saumendra N. Sarkar’s Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh Hillman Cancer Center. We work on the signaling mechanisms involved in innate immune response to virus infection and its role in cancer. The candidate will have the flexibility to pick from a number of available projects in this broad area, where initial feasibility studies have been done. Details of our work can be found at: https://goo.gl/DzaCvN

 Applicants should have a PhD or MD/PhD (for post-doc position) and demonstrated relevant research experience and publication record. Must have excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

Interested candidates should contact:  Saumendra N. Sarkar, Ph.D. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 5117 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213  Phone: (412) 623-7720, Fax: (412) 623-7715, E-mail: saumen@pitt.edu, Web: http://labs.mmg.pitt.edu/sarkar/

Postdoctoral Associate Postition - Start Date 2/1/2018  The Cooper and Bomberger laboratories seek a motivated colleague who shares our interest in defining evolutionary dynamics of bacterial populations during polymicrobial infections and advancing this emerging field. We are focused on dynamics within infections of the upper and lower airway of persons with cystic fibrosis (CF), where we are following patient cohorts to study how viral infections or antibiotic treatments influence Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus evolution. Opportunities also exist to study pathogen dynamics within pediatric, non-CF patients with chronic sinusitis. A representative NIH-sponsored project is described here: https://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=9304418&icde=37479658&ddparam=&ddvalue=&ddsub=&cr=2&csb=default&cs=ASC&pball=.  

Responsibilities include: to analyze metagenomic data to identify patterns and processes of bacterial evolution during infections, define reproducible workflows for these studies, identify and implement state-of-the-art methods, developing algorithms, writing manuscripts and progress reports. Our goal is to provide excellent training to the postdoctoral fellow to establishing his/herself as an independent investigator or senior research staff. 

Ph.D in Computational Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, or Genetics/Genomics 
Publications in these fields.

Highly desirable: Computational Biology, high-throughput genomic data analysis. Ability to write scripts and proficiency at the command line.

Candidates with a computer science background also can apply but basic knowledge of genetics is a requirement.

Send letter of interest and CV to vaughn.cooper@pitt.edu See also: http://micropopbio.org

 PostDoctoral Fellow Position

Laboratory of Dr. Kathy Shair
University of Pittsburgh
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Cancer Virology Program
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213  USA   

Post date: November 14, 2017

Position: Full time, immediate start date

Experience: Entry-level to 2 years post-doc preferred

Epstein-Barr virus-associated cancers

Two postdoctoral positions are immediately available to study the oncogenic mechanisms of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D in the field of virology or cancer biology. The projects will investigate EBV pathogenesis and mechanisms of genomic instability in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and pediatric samples. Opportunities also exist to work with mice. Experience in DNA repair or tumor virology is preferred, but candidates with independent thinking, experimental rigor and evidence of scientific writing and presentation will be the most highly ranked.

Current projects in the Shair lab include: 1) oncogenic signaling mechanisms of EBV latent membrane proteins (LMP) 1 and LMP2A, 2) determinants of EBV latency and persistence, and 3) mouse models of EBV-associated cancers. The Shair lab at the University of Pittsburgh is housed in the Cancer Virology Program, Hillman Cancer Center, where our common interest is to elucidate the molecular basis of cancer and translational medicine.

To be considered, please submit a CV and names of 3 references to Dr. Shair (kas361@pitt.edu).  Applicants will be continually reviewed until the positions are filled.